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About Me

Hello Friends, My name is Melissa, I am an esthetician and I absolutely LOVE what I do. Little history... I owned a large salon in town for over 15 years and thank you to COVID I was given the opportunity to close the salon and work within a friends tanning salon and just manage myself. It has been amazing. 

I have taken pride in being an amazing body waxer, it truly is my passion, I am not personally a fan of body hair and started waxing myself then decided I should help others! I have been waxing since 2007. I have seen and heard it all. I love helping new clients overcome the fear of waxing. Making it just an appointment between friends and before you know it your dressed and out the door minus the unwanted body hair.

I also do airbrush spray tan. I use norvell spray tan and always have. I LOVE hearing a client after getting sprayed they always feel so goo being tan. It is uplifting immediately.

On top of all that I am passionate about skin care. Addresssing clients skin and their appearance with certain conditions is life changing and I love helping clients of all ages. 

Helping people is my #1 goal! Let me help you!

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